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When an employer is sued, the employee manual is often used in court to help establish company polices and potential violations. Incorrectly written, your employee manual can create more problems for you than it solves. You want a manual that protects you and your employees, not one that could be used as evidence against you.

With a focus on specific situations, this workshop will help you avoid common mistakes that could leave you open to potentially costly lawsuits. We will show you how to draft a manual that clearly explains employee rights and responsibilities while protecting your business. Finally, we’ll show you how to keep your manual up to date and implement changes.

This workshop is a must for: business owners, HR directors, managers and anyone else responsible for dealing with employee rights and concerns.

  • When: Wed Mar. 7
    8:30 am - 12:30 pm

  • Address: 20 Riverside Drive
    West Chesterfield NH,US 03466

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