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News From Planet Kniffen is excited to present music from their debut album DREAMLAND.

Jazz fusion group News From Planet Kniffen arose out of Darryl Kniffen’s desire for complete creative musical freedom. Thus, Kniffen and his group of all-star musicians recorded nine original instrumental tracks in an effort to create "a musical world...of beauty, complexity, and mystery.” The result is their debut album, Dreamland, which released on April 27th. Dreamland made it to #5 on the Billboard Contemporary Jazz Album chart and #13 on the Billboard Jazz Album chart.

The group began in 2014 when Kniffen began composing tunes for a jazz/fusion sextet in his ski house basement apartment in Wilmington, VT. He would frequently attend the Vermont Jazz Center in the neighboring town of Brattleboro for their jam sessions and monthly concerts. In the past three years, the group has performed at Easthampton Jazz Festival, Vermont Jazz Center, and the Saratoga Beekman Arts Festival and continues to perform nationwide.

Today, NFPK is excited to share their energy, creativity, and musicality with their debut album, Dreamland.

Heavy grooves, soaring melodies, and dreamy soundscapes make News From Planet Kniffen’s debut album “Dreamland” a wonderfully rich musical experience. In “Dreamland,” the listener is invited to embark on a musical journey through mystery, passion, tranquility, and hope.

Darryl Kniffen describes the debut effort as “an opportunity to enter a musical world. A world of beauty, complexity, and mystery.” NFPK has created a new sound with “Dreamland” that is distinct and exciting. The opening track “Blackness” has a raw, powerful energy and groove that just won’t quit. The second track “Peace Journey” dances through exciting, celebratory peaks and reflective, peaceful valleys. The singular ballad “Midnight Drive” is dreamy, hypnotic and spiritual in nature. The high-energy “Tick Tock” captures the fast-paced, frenetic energy of life through clock-like ostinatos and wild flights of improvisation. ​

“When taken as a whole, Kniffen's music achieves a naturally balanced panorama that carefully juxtaposes, danceable grooves with dreamy landscapes, intense bebop-influenced instrumental outbursts with mind-calming pads. Kniffen's music is a manifestation of joy and deep reflection and it deserves to be heard. ” -Eugene Uman, Vermont Jazz Center

​About Darryl Kniffen

Darryl Kniffen is an exceptionally creative, passionate, and innovative drummer/educator/composer. His creativity is apparent in all aspects of life, from creating original instruments from recycled materials with his students, to composing inventive pieces that push the boundaries of jazz and rock.

As a live performer, Kniffen has performed alongside numerous artists including Chilean vocalist Natalia Bernal, Emmy award-winning guitarist/composer Freddi Shehadi, jazz trumpeter Richard Boulger and Saturday Night Live saxophonist Alex Foster.

Today, Darryl continues to explore uncharted territory with his unique compositions and innovative drumming. Whether performing solo, with guest musicians, or with his sextet News From Planet Kniffen, Darryl takes the audience on a wild adventure.

  • When: Sat Jun. 16
    8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

  • Address: 72 Cotton Mill Hill
    Brattleboro VT,US 05301

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